Katy Perry (produced Katheryn Hudson within the erican singer-copywriter, celebrity, gay advocate, and you will deceive

Katy Perry (produced Katheryn Hudson within the erican singer-copywriter, celebrity, gay advocate, and you will deceive

It is better to learn brand new rebuke of one’s wise, than for a guy to listen the new tune out of fools. Ecclesiastes seven:5

She actually is perhaps most obviously for her single people, UR Therefore Homosexual (create when you look at the 2007), and i also Kissed a lady (that was create during the 2008 of the Capitol Suggestions). This is so sickening! 7 Kiss FM’s John Jay and you may Steeped Day Let you know in Phoenix, Washington, proclaiming that UR Thus Homosexual is this lady “favorite tune nowadays.” As to why have always been I perhaps not shocked?

She recently features gathered even more recognition while the Madonna said Perry’s song UR Therefore Homosexual into 104

Katy Perry actually put out an excellent Gospel record album back in 2001, in label Katy Hudson. She was born in a spiritual household.

The middle son regarding a couple of pastors, Perry grew up listening to gospel songs and you will singing within church inside Santa Barbara, Ca, although sky unsealed my personal attention once i came across a beneficial Queen record and i are permanently stored, she claims having a great lboyant and you can fun and you may cheeky, Id never heard things want it in advance of. I believe I mark regarding wanting to be Freddie Mercury.

She says she was permanently protected when you find yourself paying attention to the new gay Rock band, King

Katy Perry is actually a beneficial disgrace to help you the woman mothers, Christianity, top sites de rencontres pour rencontrer femmes européennes and you may America. Indeed, Katy Perry is not celebrating this lady parents given that Bible orders, whenever she sings songs promoting lesbianism. Is it celebrating so you’re able to Goodness Christ? No, no way! Homosexuality was an abomination so you’re able to God (i.e., a disgusting sin). Kate Perry is a pal of wicked world. “Ye adulterers and you will adulteresses, understand ye not too the new relationship worldwide try enmity that have Goodness? whosoever thus will be a friend worldwide is the adversary off God.” Katy Perry is God’s adversary!

Perry says: the newest heavens started my personal sight while i came across a queen listing and i are forever conserved. Perry is not saved. I happened to be born-once more because of the Seed out-of God’s Keyword (initially Peter step one:23); rather than when you find yourself playing the newest Devil’s audio (and therefore Katy Perry praises). Queen was a properly-understood homosexual band, whoever head artist Freddie Mercury died on age 46 out-of Supporting developed from one off their homosexual-partners the guy frequented in the world. The new sky did not open your own vision Skip Perry, Satan did. By which eventually past ye walked according to course of the world, according to prince of your electricity of your own air, the brand new heart that today worketh regarding the people regarding disobedience (Ephesians dos:2). That heart try Satan (next Corinthians 4:4).

We hear an extraordinary young skill emerging, a gifted songwriter inside her right who’ll probably wade far contained in this business. That identity once again is Katy Hudson. Trust me, you are reading it much more about within the next year.

Yeah, our company is reading it ok Russ. the woman is producing and you may glorifying the brand new vile sin out-of homosexuality. Guilt on ChristianityToday for generating such as a depraved and you can Godless heathen as the Katy Hudson (Perry). This is apostasy!

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