Guest Recs of Erin Ptah: Webcomics In the Flaccid Pastel Lesbians!

Guest Recs of Erin Ptah: Webcomics In the Flaccid Pastel Lesbians!

We categorized that it batch by the…generally comparable color looks. Whereby What i’m saying is, title of your own visual is actually too virtually specific to successfully pass right up. Though it do suggest tropes and you can layouts which do not necessarily fit them all, so without a doubt read the explanations before making a decision what things to here are some or pass on.

Sci-fi romance, done. Into the a future Australia, in which large-technology improvement can be used for anything from preventing problems in order to restyling your own hair, Austen (Chilean/Australian) never transform the why are Aomori women so attractive lady appearance. They caters for Sunati (mixed Southern area Asian), whom initially believes she should be fearless and you will iconoclastic. Works out she merely possess an immune disease and can’t play with nanobots.

Sunati requires the girl aside anyhow, and looks like falling into genuine Austen instead of the woman she would built up within her creative imagination. The newest worldbuilding enjoys cool high-technical matches – our very own heroines continue VR dates, there was a drive for the a gap lift – although area try slow and you can reduced-secret, everything about such regular individual emotional problems and you will school/work worries.

Dahlia Liz, good floriculturist discovering a different sort of breed of marine bush, motions on beautiful seaside town of Sunsea. An urban area filled of sun, relationship and you can surprises.

Slice-of-existence with a bit of dream, lingering. Dahlia motions to your another type of town and you may finds by herself way of life next so you’re able to Lori, a pleasant singer-songwriter who is also concealing that she actually is a secret mermaid. As you create.

Several other sluggish and you will quiet area – it’s suggested you will find mermaid drama later on, but thus far it’s simply an enthusiastic undercurrent (…get it?) in order to quick-urban area buddy-and then make. And finally spouse-making, although the letters are in the “yes, she merely performed a whole song on how motivational I’m following clearly advised the audience it had been serious about myself, however, I do believe she merely really wants to feel friends” stage.

Acethexis was an activity/drama show about a non-digital individual and you will an illegal android who happen to be caught up into the a life of offense from the vision of their authorities.

Sci-fi crisis, constant. Disaffected agender teenager Ren sneaks over to a bar and you will suits Lena, a great runaway android os developed that have thinking. Which is however really the only “crime” on the facts – you to definitely androids commonly meant to possess emotions. Nonetheless it try crappy adequate that the girl copywriter try often imprisoned otherwise murdered regarding it.

Well, she is attractive, and you can Ren was bored stiff and you may irresponsible rather than injuring for money, so they intend to let Lena changes their looks and you can skip town.

A sibling comic to Always Human. They aren’t actually in the same universe, although experts try friends, and there is a preliminary interdimensional crossover.

The story off Greta, good blacksmith apprentice, and somebody she matches because she becomes entwined regarding intimate world of tea dragons.

A story regarding nanobots, hereditary technologies, as well as 2 female dropping crazy

Sweet dream, done. Teas dragons is cat-sized, domesticated, adorable, or take a lot of time to improve. A number of are usually leftover at teas shop possessed from the Hesekiel and you can Erik, who happen to be plus handling a shy amnesiac lady called Minette. Young neighbors Greta stumbles in their existence.

Which your an instant comprehend, simply 52 users, having a smooth mainly-lineless art style. Girls are not somewhat old enough as trying to find romance right, however, I’m as well as they given that basic-smash options will there be – therefore the shop owners are an entire-fledged couples, so it is clearly perhaps not a good “same-gender romance, what’s you to definitely??” particular narrative.

Weird comedy, complete. Needless to say this new oddball about this list, however, all of the ways is flaccid and red, thus i decided it was intimate adequate.

Otra try a depressed and you may uninspired creator when the eccentric Winter barges into their existence and you can declares you to definitely Otra try their brand new sidekick. Along with, whacks this lady having a human-sized masturbator. Which establishes the brand new build for many their exploits so you’re able to already been.

It is the sorts of comic the spot where the town’s chief superhero possess a digit getting a head, haphazard elephants wander through the records, Cold weather provides a 1 / 2-aunt who is 50 % of-clipart, therefore the veterinarian keeps an excellent mindreading servers for pets.

So it’s really not hard for Cold weather along with her perplexed the sidekick to access ridiculous adventures, shedding crazy in the process

Bonus: Winter season is the girl off Wendy together with Other Girl, an element of the f/f few from the artist’s earlier comical Cutewendy. It is significantly more random, additionally the artwork try a lot less refined, however, really worth learning for many who enjoyed Feminine.

Erin Ptah enjoys pets, phenomenal females, big date travelling, crossdressing, and you can webcomics. She is the new singer behind However, I’m A pet Individual (featuring bi librarian Bianca) and you may Leif & Thorn (in which Leif was towards the good good looking folks of all of the genders). State hey to your Twitter on






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